President of MF Group, Mr. Branislav Matic, founded Energowind d.o.o. in 2005. With Prof. Dr. Miroslav Kopečni, they are guided by the vision of developing and exploiting wind farms in Serbia. With its establishment, Energowind was also one of the first companies in Serbia for which renewable energy sources were the primary activity. During 2007-2008, the company signed cooperation agreements with local self-governments Vrsac, Plandište, Alibunar, and Bela Crkva.

After a period of preliminary selection of locations and insights into the archives of meteorological data for the wider region, the company, in early 2008, determined favorable locations for the start of measurements and erected two measuring masts 60 meters high. After obtaining the final measuring results and preparing the first studies of energy potential for specific interest sites by reference European meteorological companies, the company defines its first location for constructing a wind farm in the territory of the municipality of Plandište. In 2010, Energowind founded the subsidiary Wind Park Plandište d.o.o., with the unique goal of developing a wind farm in the territory of the municipality of Plandište. To produce verification and correlation of the obtained measurement data from measuring locations with wind parameters at the site planned for the construction of the future wind park, Wind Park Plandište, at the beginning of 2011. raises a measuring mast of 125 meters in height. In parallel with obtaining the remaining project documentation, measuring data are collected from this measuring mast, whose verification confirms positive results from previously measured locations. Additional studies of energy potential and the selection of final configurations of wind turbines were necessary to complete the project documentation towards obtaining a location and construction permit. The construction permit for Plandište wind farm with a rated power of 102MW was obtained in 2012, and the complete project was sold to NIS GazpromNeft in 2013.